Lectures in Europe 2015

10h Congress of Medicine and Spirituality - X Jornadas Portuguesas de Medicina e Espiritualidade

10h Congress of Medicine and Spirituality
Lisbon (Portugal) – October 17th and 18th
School of Dental Medicine , University of Lisbon
Visit our website: WWW.VERDADELUZ.COM (Info in Portuguese only)

Website: www.verdadeluz.com

Conference: Medicine and Spirituality – Genebra and Bern, Switzerland

The Conference ‘Medicine and Spirituality – The 3rd Millenium Medicine’ will take place on October 22nd, in Bern and ‘Medicine and Spirituality - A new look at antique diseases’ will take place on October 24th, in Genebra. Speakers will address the inclusion of a spiritual paradigm in medicine and its beneficial impacts on health. Information and registration can be accessed on ams.ch.nb@gmail.com

5th British Congress on Medicine and Spirituality
Date: 31st October and 1st November, 2015
Organisation: the International Medical Spiritist Association and the British Union of Spiritist Societies - BUSS. INFO: www.medspiritcongress.org
35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT, England, UK
INFO: www.medspiritcongress.org

Symposium on Medicine and Spirituality in Luxembourg
It will be held on October 24th , in Centre Societaire.

8th Congress of Medicine & Spirituality - Lille - France

In 2008, we carried our first Congress of Medicine and Spirituality in Liege, Belgium. In 2009, we were in Toulouse, France where the creation of a Medical-Spiritist Association Francophone is in preparation. This year, we are again in the hospitable city of Lille.
Info in French only at: www.lmsf.org

6th Congress on Medicine & Spirituality in Netherlands

Amsterdan, capital of Netherlands, will host this congress on November 7th
Information about the speakers, program and registrations at http://nrsp.nl/

8th German Congress on Medicine & Spirituality

Bonn, in Germany, will host on November 7th and 8h , the 8th German Congress on Medicine and Spirituality in the Seminar Hotel. This year's theme is "Ein neues Paradigma in der Therapie Psychische Störungen - Kooperative von Methoden und Medizin spiritualität" (A new paradigm in the treatment of mental disorders - cooperative method on medicine and spirituality).
More information on the site www.kongress-psychomedizin.com ou pelo e-mail: info@psychomedizin.com