About us

The International Medical-Spiritist Association was founded in 1999 during the meeting with representatives of six countries.

Argentine (Dr. Daniel Gomez Montanelli), Brazil (Dr. Marlene Rossi Severino Nobre and Dr. Roberto Lúcio Vieira de Souza),Colômbia ( Dr. Fábio Villarraga), Guatemala (Dr. Edwin Bravo), Panamá (Dr. Maria de la Gracia de Ender) and Portugal (Dr. José Francisco and Dr. Isabel Ribeiro).

The President elect was Dr. Marlene Rossi Severino Nobre, who was at the same time President of The International Medical-Spiritist Association and the Brazilian Medical-Spiritist Association.

Now, the INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL-SPIRITIST ASSOCIATION (IMSA) has branches, formed by Doctors in Guatemala, Argentina, Portugal, Switzerland, Cuba, United States and Colombia.