Principles Of The Spiritist Physician

At the closing session of the São Paulo Spiritist Medical Association (AME-S. Paulo) Meeting, organized in São Paulo during the period November 25-26, 2006, Dr. Marlene Nobre, President of AME-Brasil, received from Dr. Bezerra de Menezes, Patron of AME-Brasil, the following principles of the Spiritist Physician:


1) The spiritist physician realizes that his medical degree belongs to Jesus.

2) He respects colleagues that do not understand him, that don’t take him seriously, that show prejudice against his religious beliefs and conduct. He still keeps working the usual way, without having his feelings hurt or letting frustration set in.

3) He carries out his research and study commitments, always striving for continuous improvement in his field of expertise.

4) He does not neglect his own moral improvement, always trying to put his knowledge and his art to the benefit of those in pain, especially those with little or no resources.

5) He does not feel uncomfortable in using Kardec and Chico Xavier’s revelations as the basis for his studies. He goes a step further – he uses this information to support his scientific research.

6) He knows that true hierarchy comes from spiritual evolution. Therefore, he recognizes that the true leader is the one that shows examples of humility and love to others.

7) He seeks support from the Spiritist House (Casa Espírita) to carry out his professional duties and to apply supplemental spiritist treatments, but he does not fail to demonstrate to his colleagues the excellence of his guiding principles.