Decalogue of the Spiritist Doctor

On October 12th, 1968, Dr. Marlene Nobre received a psychographic message, the Decalogue of the Spiritist Doctor, which well explains the noble idea that must be always kept in mind by the members of the Association. The excerpt is transcribed below:
I – T o defend the doctrine of Kardec;

II – To place, above everything, the interest in Christ in daily life;

III – To search, through proper actions, the Medicine of the Spirit;

IV – To take to the current Medical Society the high contingent of spirituality;

V – To extend the medical knowledge whenever possible;

VI – To collaborate in Spiritists Institutions;

VII – To value the precious minutes of existence;

VIII – To fight, through the example and the word, the perversion of customs;

IX – defend the weak and the oppressed one; to support the intellectually ill;

X – Above everything, to exert the Medicine in view of the divine designs, recognizing oneself as the son of the Almighty and, consequently, as a humble servant of the SOVEREIGN TRUTH.