The Second Congress Francophone on Medicine and Spirituality (2ème Congrès Francophone de Médecine & Spiritualité ) will be held on October 24 – 25 in Toulose, France. Speakers include Canadian author and neurologist Mario Beauregard, three European and three Brazilian specialists.
For more information about the programme and enrolment at http://congres.lmsf.org

The Second German Congress for Psychomedicne (II Deutscher Kongress für Psychomedizin 2009) wll take place at Andreas Hermes Akademie, in Bonn, on October 31 and November 1.
For additional information about the speakers and programme, visit the website http://www.kongress.psychomedizin.com

A conference on the theme “Bridging Medicine and Spirituality” will take place in London November 7 and 8. Three British speakers and five Brazilian speakers will present updated information on the theme. This event is organized by The International Spiritist Medical Association (AME-Int), The British Union of Spiritist Societies (BUSS, and by The Spirit Release Foundation (SRF). Additional info at www.medspiritcongress.org

Lectures on Medicine and Spirituality will also take place in Amsterdam on November 7.
Speakers include two Brazilian doctors and two European physicians.
For more information, visit the website: www.psyche-geneeskunde.org


A conference will be held on November 7th, in Bern, to discuss the theme “Healing and Self Healing”.
Information about this conference, as well as the program at www.ame-ch.org

On November 14 and 15, Lisbon will host the IV Portuguese Conference on Medicine and Spirituality (IV Jornadas Portuguesas de Medicina e Espiritualidade). This event will be held at the Dental Medical College Auditorium, at Lisbon University. Portuguese and Brazilian distinguished doctors will discuss important health aspects of our current times, such as diabetes, bipolar disorder, bioethics, cancer and drug addiction and abuse. They will focus on the doctor’s mission under the light of the Spiritist Medical Paradigm. For additional information and/or enrolment visit the website www.geb-portugal.org/4jornadas