Interview with Dr. Marlene Nobre - to Psychic World - December2009

Interview with Dr Marlene Nobre.

Dr Marlene Nobre is a tireless worker and well known in the Spiritist environment. She is the president of the Brazilian and International Medical Spiritist Societies, she plays a very important role in the process of once again bringing together Medicine and Spirituality. A task that has she has been doing throughout many years, with a great deal of effort, organising innumerable congresses and seminars in Brazil as well as in other countries in Latin America, United States and in many countries in Europe. Despite her very busy schedule, it was with great warmth that Dr Marlene gave us this short interview.

1) The Brazilian Medical-Spiritist Association (AME) was founded in 1995, which is 14 years ago. What is the association’s objective and what has it done throughout these years?

AME’s objective is to change the current materialistic paradigm seen in Medicine, which focuses solely on the physical body, to a new model that integrates Medicine and Spirituality. In order to achieve its objective, AME has carried out events, published written works and has established links with other entities, which have the same objective as AME.

To be sure, AME has also worked on research protocols that, one day, will be able to be carried out with support from spirituality.

2) The bringing together once again of medicine and spirituality is one of AME’s goals.
Has this been happening and could it be said the results are positive?

To change a model demands time and patience. To acknowledge that the Spirit has priority in matters of health is to radically change medical procedure. This entails the breaking of very old and well sedimented pre-concepts and prejudices. We already consider the fact that there are now Medical and Spirituality units, optional or pertaining to the curricular programme, in two thirds of North-American Universities to be a good outcome. Such units are also starting to be seen in Brazilian universities.

3) Specifically related to general research, have good results been achieved already?

Concerning research regarding prayer, near death experiences (NDE) and therapeutic touch, results have been made on a major scale in the United States and in a few larger Centres. In Brazil, there is a lot of inspiration to do research based on Spiritist books, such as those of André Luiz. However, due to lack of specialised personnel and also financial support, we still are in an initial phase, which is that of project elaboration. Let’s see if we can carry this work through slowly.

4) Are there difficulties that get in the way of such research? If so, what are they?

As I mentioned, there are obstacles that need to be dealt with including a suitable place where we can do research; as mentioned we lack specialised and committed personnel and financial support, all of which would make this research possible.

5) AME has a strong Campaign for Life, being against abortion. What are the outlines of this campaign?

We have been endorsing this campaign through constant clarifications to the general public and also to opinion creators, whenever possible. We have been giving seminars, publishing books and articles, as well as participating in gatherings with the public, always defending Life and against abortion.

6) Are there similar activities in countries other than Brazil, working towards this same objective?

We know that the ‘For-Life’ nucleus in the Catholic Church are active - even in countries were abortion is legal. Concerning AME itself, there are no similar activities outside Brazil.

7) As in Brazil, AME International has been working hard to reconstruct the bridge between medicine and spirituality. How has this been done in the USA, Europe and other South American countries?

I believe that the United States of America is an example to be followed, since they already have many results regarding the establishment of this bridge between medicine and spirituality. This is taking into account that two thirds of North-American Universities already have Medicine and Spirituality units within their degree courses, being either optional or as an integrated part of their curricular programme. In Europe, there are a few centres in the United Kingdom and Holland for example, but practically everything still has to be done. In South America, Brazil is the most active country, having four Health and Spirituality subjects in different universities. Things happen very slowly.

8) Outside of Brazil, is there more resistance from the medical-scientific community in accepting the concepts proposed by AME?

It is natural that the resistance is greater since Spiritism is not well known outside the Latin American borders. Nonetheless, acceptance is much easier since we only demonstrate the Spiritual Medicine principles to those who have spiritualistic convictions.

9) For many years you have been visiting the United Kingdom, and as from 2003 we have had many events here in the UK with your presence, including the Medicine and Spirituality Congress in 2008. Do other countries also program events such as this?

Yes, we have been organising and participating in events such as the one in the UK in several countries, including USA, Portugal, France, Switzerland and Germany.

10) What is your travel agenda through Europe during 2009?

This year, we will have events in the USA, UK, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and Belgium.

11) How many books have you had published and how many are still to be published?
Of course your book are in Portuguese. Which other languages they have been translated into?

I have published six books: Obsession and its Masks, Our Life in the After-Life, Life Outcry, and The Soul of the Matter, Life against Abortion, and The Gift of Mediumship. I have also organised Lessons of Wisdom, which comprises Chico Xavier’s interviews given to the Folha Espírita journal. I have other books still to be published, but this demands time. Some have been translated to Italian, such as Obsession and its Masks, Our Life in the After-Life and Life Outcry. Others have been translated into Spanish, French, and The Soul of the Matter has been translated into English.

12) Dr Marlene, how can you manage so many trips to disseminate Medicine and Spirituality, to write for the Flora Espírita journal (Of which you are the Director) and still find time for your personal life?

Actually I have been doing very little in the process of disseminating the principles of Medicine and Spirituality, and it is possible to conciliate some tasks with our daily existence. The fact that I have been a widow since 1990 and retired from my medical profession since 1994 have, undoubtedly, been helping me to conciliate the travelling and the tasks. However, none of this would be possible if I couldn’t rely on admirable colleagues at the Folha Espírita journal, who have been helping out with such abnegation and love. As the editor in charge, I keep track of everything, but it is those tireless colleagues that are the real workers of our journal. Regarding the Lar do Alvorecer, our crèche in Diadema Sao Paulo, I’m only a small component, who has relied on abnegated colleagues always ready to work with the 220 under privileged children, assuring that they always receive affection, care and loving support they require. Concerning my own home, I also have help, and because I live simply it demands very little from me. I also rely on the wonderful comprehension of my two sons, Marcos and Marcelo, of my daughter-in-law Mônica and my grandchildren João Pedro e Ana Luísa.

13) What would be your final message to the readers of the BUSS Newsletter concerning the importance of spirituality in our lives, especially if we find ourselves ill?

We know that diseases are an important means of learning, growth and spiritual purification. Hence we need to keep faith in God and trust in His love under every circumstance. Then we can go through everything with patience and resignation in order to benefit from God’s help in favouring our development.

I leave my affectionate embrace to all at BUSS – being an Institution that I have so much warmth, gratitude and respect for.